Новый образ жизни-A New Way of Life

So, I am attempting to adjust to a new America and I am equating it to taking my medicine. I don’t particularly like it, but it is a necessary evil. Like medicine, I can only manage it if the dose is  small. To that end, I am trying to force myself to watch at least 15 minutes each day of Fox (Fantasy) News in an attempt to gain insight into the Orwellian alternative world of alternative facts. I think that this may be beneficial to me in maintaining my sanity and retaining my grip on reality and true facts.


I have also decided to increase my alcohol content each day with a shot of vodka. I think that in the near future imbibing in the national drink of Russia may help me to blend into the new America/Russia alliance. If nothing else, it will ease the pain of the birthing process of our combined nationalism and assimilation.


And thirdly, I also think that a handy survival skill will be knowing how to speak Russian. So to that end, I have begun to learn a new Russian phrase each week, a phrase that may help me survive in the new world. Is it easy? Het! (See I have already begun!)

Bozhe, khrani ameriku

I still remain hopeful, that saner minds will put country before party and remove someone who has demonstrated that he is incapable of leading our country and keeping us safe. One has only to listen or read the entire transcript of his latest “press conference” to see  clear irrefutable  evidence of his illiteracy and incompetence. Heil President tRump…I mean Bannon….oops Putin. So confusing right now! I think I need more vodka!!!

Torn, battered, but still waving!


2 thoughts on “Новый образ жизни-A New Way of Life

  1. Bravo! I love it!! Let’s meet at the beach soon, I’ll bring the Stoli and you bring the Russian language tools🐠🐚🍸🏖


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