It’s NOT “all about me.” My blog is about words, photos, anything that stimulates my senses and drives me to explore some new venue. It’s about the people and things about which I am passionate. It is an expression of my thoughts, feelings and a canvas for the placement of photos of the beautiful birds that are on my Life List. It is about adventures, special moments, quiet inner thoughts. A shared safe place within my world that will enable my family and friends (the rocks of my world) to perhaps better understand what makes me tick. No, I’m not a ticking bomb, just one of the many travelers on this giant ball of mud called earth in pursuit of a wonderful life and my quest to enjoy it to the max!

Oops, maybe it IS all about me!!!!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Definitely about you and the world you love and that “sends you”! I am fortunate that you enjoy sharing what you experience in “your world” because I have benefitted! Lucky I am.


  2. I love Sister Linda’s, Lavender and Old Lace garden blog! My, you are a clever sister and such a smart one too. I’m glad we are related. Have a good weekend birding!


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