The Boardwalk

The Boardwalk on Lady Bird Lake

The City of Austin is lucky to have a wonderful addition to its urban water resources called Town Lake which not too long ago was renamed Lady Bird Lake. The trail along this lake was recently enhanced with the addition of the Boardwalk. Walking around the lake using the trails and boardwalk opens up a whole new world of nature and birding opportunities. Each season presents a different picturesque landscape. The beauty of it all can be breathtaking. Check it out!!!

Snowy Egrets settling in for the night

There is much flora and fauna along the way and I never tire of walking the trails and Boardwalk to see what new wonders might be there. On one occasion from my balcony, I observed several dozen snowy egrets flying in at dusk to land in a particular tree on the south shore near Joe’s Crab Shack. I was intrigued but did not travel to investigate. The next evening when I witnessed the same thing happening, I jumped in my car, drove to Joe’s Crab Shack and rushed down the Boardwalk to see what was happening. For a reason unknown to me, for three or four days these birds had chosen this tree for their nighttime roosting site. My camera was clicking away capturing that moment.

Lab & Water & Stick = FUN!!!!

Every bush, tree, shoreline nook and cranny might have a bird stealthily hunting their next meal. A plant of yesterdays walk may have burst into bloom overnight. An unusual bird visitor may have stopped by for a visit. Or a yellow Lab may be enjoying a swim playing a game of water fetch.

It is always entertaining and a beautiful bird, leaf, flower or unexpected diversion may appear at any moment to give us lasting memories of a delightful walk on a beautiful trail in a magnificent diverse city. Enjoy Austin!

Happy bird searching and Austin exploring!

The colors of Fall




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