The Jewel of the Country

This past Saturday, I got up early, loaded my car with cinnamon rolls and homemade bread (my latest efforts) and headed to my sister’s home in Burton. On this trip we  planned on attending a concert at the Festival Institute located in Round Top, Texas. IMG_2679

Festival Hill Institute is well-known by classical music lovers, many of whom travel frequently from Houston, Austin or San Antonio to attend masterpiece performances by world-renowned musicians for little or no cost. But it may be little known to many people who have no knowledge of this gem of the countryside for unless you know it is there you wouldn’t expect to find the quality of music and a magnificent concert hall tucked into the lush landscape off a small country road. It is located on a campus that has been slowly developed piece by piece over thirty years or so. There are residences that house students that vie for summer scholarships to work and study under music masters of all kinds. There is a chapel, beautiful gardens, a magnificent terrace and of course the music hall itself which is a testament to the skilled workmanship of the creators and builders of the whole campus.



All of the exquisite patterns of wood were honed by the hands of master craftsmen. The building itself is a work of art. The music that fills the concert hall and floats outward to fill our souls with the sweet notes of beautiful music is a gift made possible by many dedicated workers, sponsors, and aspiring musicians who have spent a lifetime studying and practicing to become the best of the best in the musical world.

I highly recommend a visit to this special place. Better yet, give them a call (979-249-3129) and ask to be placed on their mailing list and then you will have a complete schedule of upcoming concerts and events. I am lucky, for my sister works for this organization and has been fortunate to be a part of this, her second family, for many music filled years.


No one would guess or imagine that life in a small town could be so filled with such riches. Festival Institute is definitely one of these gems. But for me, my sister and the time we spend together making memories, is my most beloved treasure.





One thought on “The Jewel of the Country

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you Ginny, for the beautiful descriptive narrative and photos of this “heaven on earth”. Round Top Festival Institute is a blessing to me. And your visits a blessing too.


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