Today’s Efforts

Today was to be a day of rest before I head back to work tomorrow but I am finding it increasingly difficult to NOT go into my kitchen and begin another baking adventure. I did manage to resist going the yeast route since that is very time-consuming and limited myself to turning out a pot of my infamous beans and a Tassajara Bread Book Three Layer Corn Bread recipe. And I am so glad that I did!!

The beans are a no brainer…follow the recipe and it is a sure success story. I usually serve these beans with my grandmother’s cornbread recipe, but decided to give this recipe a try. As the recipe is described in the book…”the cornmeal settles, the bran rises, and in the middle is an egg-custardy layer”. Turns out this was a very accurate description of the inner crumb consistency of this cornbread. It was wonderful and combined with the beans a very filling and satisfying meal.

Three Layer Corn Bread

Then I took some of those left-over-slightly-too-brown-on-the-bottom-first-batch cinnamon rolls combined with some bread scraps from a few loaves and managed to crank out a fairly decent chocolate cranberry bread pudding for dessert. In hindsight I should have chopped the raw cranberries before adding them to the bread pudding base. The recipe actually called for sour cherries but I substituted cranberries since I didn’t have a can of sour cherries hanging out in my pantry.

All in all a satisfying, restful day that leaves my larder full of delicious food for the week. Happy Baking!!!