The Chrysalis

Hanging from the bathroom window sill

My BFF Kathleen has been nurse-maiding some monarch butterfly chrysalis eagerly awaiting their metamorphosis to butterflies. She is a very dedicated “Butterfly Mom” who went to great lengths to plant milkweed to encourage replication of the monarch butterfly’s life cycle in her IMG_0578backyard. A few weeks ago she was the proud “Mother” of one brand new Monarch butterfly and waiting in the nursery were perhaps four or five more. I was privileged that she shared this great moment with me and what a beautiful event it was to witness. I admire her dedication to help in the preservation of these beautiful butterflies. As the saying goes…”It takes a village” to help save a species, to make a change for the better. Kathleen took up the banner and stepped up to the plate to make a difference for these beautiful creatures. A small difference, but all the small differences can make a huge impact on the survival of a species.

Closer to emerging. Look closely and you can see the wing markings.

How fragile is a butterfly? Very! How many dangers lurk along their lifespan that might interrupt the life cycle? Too many to count!  Is it difficult to plant milk weed?  Definitely not!  Is the protection and preservation of these beautiful creatures worth it?  Resounding, I say YES!!!!

Completed emerged from the chrysalis

So, rock on Butterfly Whisperer!