Swamp Things

Mr. Gator

I love swamps. I have traversed various swamps in my day and in each one I enjoyed the beauty of Bald Cypress trees, Tupelo trees, Spanish moss, water lilies, and the slow moving murky waters where a submerged tree stump might be a lurking alligator awaiting his next meal. Best of all though are the magnificent birds that inhabit these scary but beautiful places. Great and Snowy Egrets, Great Blue, Little Blue, Tricolored and Green Herons, Night Herons, Vultures, Osprey, Anhinga to name a few.



I’ve been in canoes and air boats and no matter what the vehicle, I find these moments with nature to be restorative. They help me remember the permanence of time…how things continue even in adversity, recover from blows that seem to knock the wind from sails only to grow stronger and more beautiful from it all. Forest fires are devastating but the burn gives rise to new growth. A hurricane, tornado or any of the major disasters wipe clean and when the rebuilding comes, it may be superior in many ways.

I’ve only experienced one swamp that I didn’t like, one swamp that made me fearful, unsure of survival. A swamp inhabited by bottom sucking leeches and loathsome creatures that cared naught for the beauty of nature, or clean water or clean air, or the well-being of all who inhabited that piece of real estate. And yes…that swamp is the infamous cesspool that has grown and blossomed like a red tide bringing hardship and adversity to all who abide in America. I don’t believe that all of Washington DC is a swamp, but I certainly do believe that the tRump administration has transformed the People’s House, the White House into a swamp of unimaginable horror.  I’ve watched environmental regulations and animal protections wiped carelessly away, the corruption and misuse of our money, your money, the people’s money being squandered frivolously all to fulfill the whim of unscrupulous appointees.

Swamps tend to be self nurturing…an ecosystem that repairs and fixes itself to restore a natural balance that keeps it healthy. I had hopes that my fears were unjustified and that the men and women of the tRump administration would rise beyond their greed and truly devote themselves to protecting and defending all the good that America personifies. But I have waited in vain. I know that the only cure for the decisiveness that has permeated America today is the sweeping of that giant blue tsunami across America this November. Vote the swamp things out of Congress or in tRump’s words “Drain the Swamp!”



A Tally of Things lost to Date

I want to keep track. I think it is important to know just how many things have been ripped from the fabric of America…just how many travesties have been thrust upon our Constitution, our environment and how many civil liberties are being trounced by our Liar-in-Chief.

–The Rule of Law – ignoring a judicial ruling of guilty by pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio

–Climate change denial – Cuts to EPA and  FEMA  in the wake of two devastating  hurricanes and raging wildfires in the West

–Comparing the KKK, Neo Nazis and White  Supremacists as being the same as protesters

–The guarantee of clean water, free of chemical  dumps and clean air being threatened…  reference the Arkema chemical site pouring  toxic waste into the environment as just one example.

–Sanctioning and admiring autocrats with a history of murdering their opposition. Like Putin &  Duterte

–The decrease in tourism in the United States – In 7 months the loss of ~37 billion in tourism  dollars

–Crops rotting in the fields for lack of immigrants to harvest them

–The loss of prestige as being the indisputable leader of the free world

–The continued assault on the free media. Dividing our nation with fake news leading to a loss  of confidence in our government

–The normalization and acceptance of lying and prevarication second to none in the history of  our country. Estimated lies over first 227 days of presidency are 1,114.

–A different set of rules for Republicans than for Democrats – the steadfast refusal of Republicans to give Merrick Garland a hearing just because he was nominated by Obama and using a lame excuse of it being an election year. Yet they have blinders on about the ongoing criminal investigation into the Trump administration and his associates.

–Devos ending Obama’s Title IX rules for investigating college campus sexual assaults

–Direct violation of the Emolument Clause of the Constitution. – Trump and his children    continue to profit and are receiving monies indirectly to bolster their own personal wealth

–Ordering a ban on transgender personnel in the military and using the excuse of it being cost  prohibitive. When compared, the cost of Viagra and erectile dysfunction treatment for male  military personnel is far in excess ($84 million compared to $8.4 million annually) of transgender  expenses. I am also certain that there are many, many more that I have not listed here.

And personally, I have had the painful loss of a relationship with one of my sisters. All of the others only affect me indirectly…my life really isn’t impacted that much simply because I am an older white educated female with a good job, children who love me and I know they will step up to the plate and help me if needed. But the loss of a sister relationship is a gut punch. I’ve tried to mend those broken fences, but just as I pulled away after the 2016 Presidential election because of depression and my own inability to be around those who voted this horrible human being into the Presidency, I can only assume that she may be in much the same place right now as I was then. The pain is great and I hope that some day, before one of us departs this world, we can once again laugh and bathe in the camaraderie of sisterhood.





Fire & Fury, Locked and Loaded



How has it come to this? History will not be kind to those in positions of power who are sitting idly by and doing nothing to stop the ignorant madman who indiscriminately uses fiery rhetoric to inflame distrust and chaos within our homeland as well as globally. His stupidity and childish insecurity may lead to a nuclear holocaust at the worst or at the very least, to the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. And if all of this is contrived as a distraction from the Russian probe, like some sort of reality television program, shame on him for creating stress and playing on the emotions of millions of people worldwide. Abuse of power is a horrible thing. Our Constitution has a provision for stopping this from happening but the spineless Republicans in Congress continue to make excuses for the inexcusable. In fact, we have moved from “no contact with foreign agents, to well maybe collusion but that isn’t illegal, to coordination with a foreign enemy, to do we really care if it is illegal since everything is wonderful” No way is this normal in a democratic society. We are witnessing the snail-like progression of a coupe, the demise of democracy and an attempt to move to an authoritarian government.

I miss the days of awakening free of angst that war may be imminent, that healthcare may be ripped from millions, that environmental protections are removed. I want normal again. I crave it.


This man-child has been systematically dismantling the norms of common decency and with his filthy mouth has succeeded  in unleashing the scum hiding under rocks to spew their vile hatred towards anyone who may be slightly different from whom they perceive to be the only “blessed and chosen” people of their God.

I am sick of the professed “Christians” who are so un-Christ like in their behavior.  No way would Jesus condone what is happening to people of color, immigrants, children, the poor and aged of our nation. How is it “Christian” to blithely vote to remove healthcare from millions, eliminate programs that feed hungry children, and foment violence? These actions do not exist in my wheelhouse as examples of christian behavior.

Like so many others in the Resistance, I am exhausted by the daily assaults on my psyche. So we wait, with fear in our hearts, to see if the two man-child demagogues will launch the missiles heard round the world. Please wake up America and realize the dangers that are eroding your right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Make sure you end up on the right side of history!


Two all beef patties,special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun or a “Nothing Burger”

How do you like your burger? Fully loaded or just meat and bun? We have a new type of burger in America now…a “Nothing Burger”! Lately this new term has taken the television waves by storm. I think if I hear one more Republican call the spy novel we are inhabiting right now a “Nothing Burger”, I may be nauseous. Just what is included in a “Nothing Burger”? Their so-called “Nothing Burger” includes an awful lot of Russian ingredients. It is loaded with alternative facts, prevarications, flat-out denials and a perverse refusal that any of those Russian secret sauce ingredients are present. My personal favorite, the “Fully Loaded Burger”, comes with true indisputable facts, evidenced based science, reality over perception…dates, times, players, secret meetings exposed, actual true information, a regular Snopes of the culinary world .

How does one forget a meeting with a Russian official? How does one forget a meeting with a Russian official where an interpreter is needed? Why has Trumpulthinskin never acknowledged Russian interference in our presidential election? Why does he appear to embrace Putin as his best friend? An autocrat who has robbed the Russian people of billions of dollars, Putin arranges the deaths of dissidents, invades other countries to promote the Russian agenda, eliminates media threats and rules with a heavy hand, all while added to his own personal coffers.  These are but a few of his transgressions. His agenda is always about rebuilding the power and might of Russia and what better way to do this than to destroy the credibility of American democracy.

Democracy is the Fully Loaded Burger. This burger makes your mouth water just at the sight of its “beautifulness”, full of wonderful pleasures that meld together to give one a satisfactory belly full of goodness and happiness throughout a lifetime. When you are the best, the competition is always trying to land a knock out punch and take your place. Trumpulthinskin and his minion’s collusion with the “Nothing Burger” are willing to do anything for a win even if that win means the death of morality, ethics, the demise of truth, the elimination of all that is so cherished by Americans. He is and continues to be Putin’s puppet.

I still believe that eventually the “Fully Loaded Burger” will prevail, that truth will triumph over lies, that goodness will deal a death-blow to evil, that “love WILL trump hate”. The competition is fierce though and we will have to be vigilant and strong, persisting and resisting to keep our “Fully Loaded Burger” the best of the best and assure the survival of truth.


Always seek the truth, examine all sides of an argument, read to educate yourself about just what is at stake when we walk into a voting booth to choose the guiding hand for our nation. It may be painful to watch a news channel that may not support your beliefs but being uncomfortable can lead to enlightment or at least a better understanding of all sides of an issue. Your very life may depend upon the choice you make.

Happy bird searching followed by two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles onions on a sesame seed bun!


A Real Spy Thriller

American “Spy” Horror Story

I love a good thriller. A spy novel makes by blood rush with the intense dangers of the situations, secrets, murder, and mayhem. I love a good mystery, a page turner that I just can’t put down. Few of us expect to be active participants in a spy thriller. Espionage. CIA agents, MI6 and even the old KGB lived in this world where intelligence, counter-intelligence and double agents were everyday real life experiences during the Cold War.

Fasten your seatbelts and hang onto your hats, because each and every American right now has the opportunity to observe up close and personal, a true spy story. Fiction be damned! This is the real McCoy. All kinds of spyish words are floating around out there now. Words like:   testify, alt right, fake news, misinformation, partisan, non-partisan, treason, immunity, murder, suicide, assassination, collusion, intelligence committee, InfoWars, Fancy Bear, Brietbart News, classified, scam, con artist, grifter, Russia, Turkey, RussiaGate, Kremlin, Kleptocracy, useful idiot, FISA warrant, nepotism, Emoluments Clause, impeachment, WikiLeaks, bankruptcy, money laundering.  And there is a cast of spy characters: Julian Assange, Paul Manafort, Steve Bannon, Christopher Steele, Putin, the Freedom Caucus, Gang of Eight, Guccifer 2.0 spread across our planet in exotic lands like Turkey, Russia, Cyprus and Ukraine. Phrases like “deep state” and “active measures” and “kompromat” and alternative facts. These words are like crack cocaine to the spy novel bibliophile.

Seriously folks….this is history we are living, a true, real life spy story being played out in the highest levels of our government the likes of which hasn’t been seen for years, perhaps centuries. A spy story like none other and the antagonists are Democracy vs Autocracy. Who will win? How many casualties will there be….not just in humans, but in ways of life, moralities, ethics, norms? It unfolds slowly like a carefully crafted mystery plot, the suspense is mind-boggling, and we want the pages to turn faster, faster, and faster so we can know the ending. It will end. Soon.

Happy bird searching and sleuthing!!!

Wake Up America!


If you are a Democrat, Progressive, Independent or Liberal your world is reeling right now. So just what does being one of “those” mean to me? It means I care about my fellow humans. It means  I acknowledge they have the same rights that I have…rights afforded to us by our Constitution. It means if I see an injustice in progress, I will voice an objection. It means I believe that everyone should be entitled to a decent wage for services rendered. It means  I believe women and men doing the same job should be equal on the pay scale. It means I value our environment. It means  I acknowledge climate change.  It means  women’s rights are human rights. It means  I believe  healthcare is a right not a privilege for the rich. It means I believe that public schools are a good and necessary thing. It means I am a patriot. It means I am an American first and this means more to me than a party name.

In a perfect world, everyone would take care of their neighbors or people in need. Unfortunately, the world is not filled with altruistic people. It also contains self-centered people, individuals driven by greed, individuals who live by the philosophy of “every man for himself”. The mindset of these people makes it necessary for there to be laws that enforce protections for the weak or vulnerable among us. It would be a perfect world if every state would do its part, but unfortunately, once again, this doesn’t always happen. For years, Jim Crow laws in the South have suppressed the African-American vote. And even when it wasn’t a law, there existed an undercurrent of “that’s just the way it is done”.

I vividly remember as a child seeing different restrooms for white and “colored”, different water fountains labeled white and colored and when riding a public transportation bus, the accepted norm in the South was that blacks sat in the back of the bus. As a 5-year-old I recognized the unfairness of these Southern social norms. I was fortunate enough to have been raised by parents that weren’t racist..a Mother from North Dakota and a Father from deep in the heart of Alabama. I witnessed my Father getting phone calls in the middle of the night from his African-American truck drivers who had some problem. My Father got in the car and went to help them, to fix the problem, because back then a white man carried more weight than a black man, a white man could fix the problem, and a black man was the “problem” in a white controlled southern environment. From my birth I had a beautiful, loving, kind, gentle black woman who nurtured and cared for me as if I was her own. Daisy was my second Mom. I saw the inconsistencies of those Southern norms… when my Mother was at work and Daisy cared for me in our home, she used the same bathroom we did. Yet when Daisy walked me to the grocery store I saw the signs designating different restrooms for white and colored. At our home, Daisy drank from the same glasses we used, sat at our table and ate lunch with me. She fiercely defended me by chasing a neighborhood friend away with a broom when he tossed a rope around my neck. She loved me and I loved her. And yet outside the walls of our home, she was treated differently, like a second class citizen. As young as I was, I sensed the wrongness of all of this. Only as an adult after reading The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson, did I come to realize all of the horrible things that blacks endured which had never crossed my mind. It never occured to me because I was white, blue-eyed, blond hair.  Because of these simple physical characteristics endowed to me by the luck of my birth, I never had to endure what blacks had to endure. And when I saw the movie The Help, I sobbed my way through the entire movie. I felt shame. Shame that I inherited just because of the whiteness of my skin. It burned me and left its mark upon my soul.

How was this inequity fixed? The Civil Rights movement of the 60’s and the phenomenal efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King and President Lyndon B. Johnson, made these changes come to fruition. With the Civil Rights Act, some of the inequities began to slowly but surely be removed. But not completely. Southern states and polecat politicians created new Jim Crow laws in attempts to suppress the black voter. Jim Crow was disguised as poll taxes, redistricting, limited voting sites, gerrymandering, changing polling locations and ID laws, all popular methods of suppressing minority voters. A simple solution to eliminate these problems…when you are born you are automatically registered to vote. A simple concept and it eliminates controversy. If you are born here then you simply get to vote.


Change doesn’t happen quickly. It can be painful and it takes patience and tenacity to make it happen. Generations of feet marching, beaten, bloodied bodies and too many senseless deaths have paved that long road to equality.

The federal government has to be the watchdog over the states because unfortunately not all states promote equality. I find it very interesting that the Conservative movement of the Republican Party spouts constitutionality and shouts individual rights, but when it comes time for common sense, they fall way short. The recent elimination of a ban on mentally ill being able to purchase guns is a prime example. Paid for and supported by the NRA, the politicians who are just looking for a paycheck, accept donations from this organization and basically are participating in a “pay for play” agreement. It matters not that it makes absolutely no sense to allow mentally ill people the right to purchase guns. Another example is their fierce obsession with pro-life issues. They rant and rave about the rights of the unborn, but when it comes to funding programs for these children after they are born…they simply vanish into the woodwork. Example… eliminating free lunch programs for children of the poor who might be receiving the only meal they will have for the entire day. Where are the Conservatives and caring people who tout individual rights when these protections are non-existent or eliminated? If Conservatives truly cared, then they would fiercely defend those children after they are born with the  same fervor they exhibited when that child was in utero.

I have never been so ashamed of my country as I am today in this political climate. Truth and veracity are being tossed aside, hope is being squashed, and constitutional rights are being trampled. First the Muslim ban was invoked. Then the undocumented were targeted…Transgenders were next on the list. Freedom of the press is being pummeled now. Who or what will be next? Keep a list and tick them off, because what you are witnessing in the United States of America today is, in Steve Bannon’s cruel and sinister words, the “deconstruction” of the United States as we have known it for 240 years. He and his minions have chosen Cabinet members precisely because they are opposed to those government branches. The goal…to bring it all down. When will you reach your moment, your “I’ve had enough this isn’t fair and I can’t live with myself if I support this annihilation of my country moment?” I long ago passed my “moment”. My heart aches. Not over losing an election but for the loss of a beautiful thing…The United States of America.

Resist! Persist!


Новый образ жизни-A New Way of Life

So, I am attempting to adjust to a new America and I am equating it to taking my medicine. I don’t particularly like it, but it is a necessary evil. Like medicine, I can only manage it if the dose is  small. To that end, I am trying to force myself to watch at least 15 minutes each day of Fox (Fantasy) News in an attempt to gain insight into the Orwellian alternative world of alternative facts. I think that this may be beneficial to me in maintaining my sanity and retaining my grip on reality and true facts.


I have also decided to increase my alcohol content each day with a shot of vodka. I think that in the near future imbibing in the national drink of Russia may help me to blend into the new America/Russia alliance. If nothing else, it will ease the pain of the birthing process of our combined nationalism and assimilation.


And thirdly, I also think that a handy survival skill will be knowing how to speak Russian. So to that end, I have begun to learn a new Russian phrase each week, a phrase that may help me survive in the new world. Is it easy? Het! (See I have already begun!)

Bozhe, khrani ameriku

I still remain hopeful, that saner minds will put country before party and remove someone who has demonstrated that he is incapable of leading our country and keeping us safe. One has only to listen or read the entire transcript of his latest “press conference” to see  clear irrefutable  evidence of his illiteracy and incompetence. Heil President tRump…I mean Bannon….oops Putin. So confusing right now! I think I need more vodka!!!

Torn, battered, but still waving!


What is Your Tipping Point?



When is it enough? When will Trump supporters say this is too much? When will they realize that their rights as citizens are being violated and slowly but surely eroded? When will they recognize that their world is changing in ways they may not like.

Will it be :

  • When the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines are built across sacred tribal Native American land?
  • When he bans immigrants from Middle East countries but conveniently exempts those nations where Trump has financial interests?
  • When the VA is banned from hiring needed personnel to fix its problems?
  • When our National Parks are ravaged for corporate profit?
  • When all media access is lost? Our internet controlled?
  • When a gag order is placed on scientists who give us information on global warning?
  • When the Arts are defunded and Big Bird is dead?
  • When the President builds his own wealth by violating the Constitution?
  • When the largest source of women’s health care is defunded?
  • When women are dying from coat hanger abortions?
  • When the cost of a basic automobile is far out of reach for the average person?
  • When the EPA is silenced?
  • When real data and statistical proof of global warming disappears?
  • When alternative facts, AKA lies, are accepted as the truth?
  • When your right to vote is suppressed?
  • When your right to protest is gone?
  • When you lose your Medicare benefits?
  • When you are told that you have a pre-existing condition and it is not covered by insurance?
  • When the cancer drug you need to save your life is not covered by your insurance or you lose your home to pay for your life saving medications?
  • When they see a video that offends them?
  • When they hear words that offend them?
  • When your religion is attacked?
  • When your parents are deported or put into internment camps?
  • When you see your parent lose Medicare benefits?
  • When clean air and clean water are no longer a priority?
  • When your tax dollars go to pay for the “wall”?
  • When Meals on Wheels is eliminated for Seniors?
  • When evidence is produced that proves are government has been infiltrated by Russian sympathizers?
  • When it affects you?

Warning Bells are Loudly Clanging. Are Trump supporters listening yet?




To the People I Love


I have been having a hard time with the political firestorm, so basically feel like it is best to get my feelings and thoughts out. It breaks my heart to hear people I love rationalize what Donald Trump stands for and normalizing or making excuses for his abusive words and actions. I also think that telling me or others to “just get over it” or “it’s time to move on” is harmful to a relationship. Just as each of us must grieve a loss in our own time frame, please recognize that all of the people who didn’t vote for Trump (Democrats, Independents and many Republicans) are grieving what we see as the death of democracy as we know it. 

I love you all soooo much and care deeply for many people in my life who made the choice to select Trump as their President. I never once thought any of you were “deplorables” and truly believe that you voted for the person you believed would be best for our nation. I know you have seen my many posts and the fact that I still cannot accept him as “My President” and probably never will. I now feel like there is a wall between us because I can’t understand supporting this man. This is not like me at all. This is the first time in my life that I have felt so negatively about the winner of our Presidential race. And my chosen candidates have lost in the past. This is the first time in my life that I have feared for America and the democracy it represents to the world. This is the first time in my life that I find myself banging against a wall that looms between me and people I love. After the election I had hopes that he would become more presidential, but as each day passes, I am more alarmed at his unpresidential behavior. I am having great difficulty understanding how people I love see him as a great leader, the answer to all of our problems. To me, he is uneducated, inarticulate, has a scattered unfocused thought process and seems to be only interested in his own self rather than stepping up to the plate to be President for over 300 million Americans. Many of us did not vote for him and I have seen no movement on his part to try to allay our fears about his inability to govern in a responsible way, no reaching out across our nation to reassure his non-supporters that it will be okay. So just as you believed he would be the best choice, I believe that he is absolutely the worst person to lead our nation.

As I watch the Republican Congress make moves to dismantle health care for over 20 million people, one of which is my granddaughter who was born with a pre-existing condition, I am appalled that they think this is the right thing to do. And now I have two pre-existing conditions as well. They have had six years to come up with a better plan and for six years have presented no viable alternative.  I think all of us agree that the ACA is not perfect, but fix it! Or replace it simultaneously with a plan that doesn’t strip the rights of 20 million Americans  to health care. Please follow this link to read about how people with employer covered insurance will also be affected by its repeal.  http://healthaffairs.org/blog/2017/01/11/get-health-insurance-through-your-employer-aca-repeal-will-affect-you-too/    

His refusal to take daily intelligence briefings while President elect, his attack of the intelligence agencies in our country, his lack of veracity makes me fear for the safety of our nation. I pray daily that he will not start a nuclear war. 

Paul Ryan has had an agenda for years to privatize Medicare and Social Security. He is quite determined to do this. Repealing ACA DOES affect Medicare benefits as well. Cancer and diabetes screenings gone. Recommended preventive services without cost sharing through employers will be gone…so mammograms, flu shots, etc. I am pleading with you and others to please investigate and study ALL of the issues.

Pence is hell bound to get rid of Planned Parenthood and believes that we can use conversion therapy to “cure” being gay. Planned Parenthood cannot by law use federal funds for abortions and abortions are only a very small part of services offered through this organization. They provide mammograms, pap smears, pre-natal care, birth control options and many other preventive health care services for millions of low-income women. I don’t want us to go back to back alley abortions with coat hangers. Real people are affected by this. I also feel strongly that no man or governing entity should have the right to make decisions about my body. I have spent many years in maternal health care and never participated in any abortion procedures because personally I am Pro-Life. But, I will fiercely defend anyone else’s right to make that choice. I have NO right to dictate to someone else what they feel they must do. Their body, their life. That makes me Pro-Choice.  I also wonder why it matters so much to other humans that everyone needs to be the same? Diversity is what has made this nation great. Isn’t it enough to just take care of your own life?

My bottom line though is that I think he is a despicable human being, a homophobic, xenophobic, racist, narcissistic lying sexual predator who wants only to increase his own wealth on the backs of hard-working American citizens. I can’t erase the image of him mocking a handicapped journalist nor can I erase hearing the words he uttered while boasting of being a sexual predator. If he truly cared about being “presidential” and wanted to alleviate the fears that he has sown throughout the past 1.5 years, then release his tax returns, put his holdings into a true blind trust. At least make an effort to show me and millions of Americans that he is worthy of the job. I also ask Trump supporters this question….If any other Republican or Democrat running for the office of the Presidency did just half of the things Donald Trump did and said, would those who so fiercely support him, have given them a pass as well on any of the above outrageous words and actions? 

Sorry, but I have to go dark. I just cannot assimilate how to resolve the emotions within me. I am desperately trying to figure out how I can dismantle the wall that I feel exists between me and the people I love whose beliefs are so far from my own. I absolutely recognize that resolving this crisis in my life is definitively my problem. I am hopeful that I will be able to shatter that wall, but not sure how long that might take.  And Trump could facilitate this process if he would begin to adhere to his campaign promises of “not touching Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security” or giving us “healthcare for all” which should be a right for every citizen, not an option based on personal wealth. Sadly though, all I am seeing so far is implementation of executive orders allowing our environment to be raped for oil profits, anti-abortion acts being reinstated, and tax cuts for the wealthy.

Above all, I am an American. I love my country. Above all, I am a patriot, not a Democrat, Republican or Independent. As a patriot, I am doing what I believe in my heart is the right thing to do….Resist any attempt to normalize unacceptable behavior, resist any attempt to ignore the Constitution, resist any attempt to stifle freedom of speech, resist racism, resist homophobia, resist misogyny and xenophobia, resist any and all things that threaten the freedoms that so many have shed blood to protect and defend.

Millions of Americans are grieving right now. I think Lady Liberty is grieving as well.